Queens Coronation Festival

By Paul / On Nov.17.2013 / In / Width

We were given the task of creating a promotional video for the Queens Royal Coronation Festival which took place in Buckingham Palace in the Summer of 2013. As can be seen from the video, the weather held was perfect, almost a little too hot to be carrying lots of camera equipment about! The production involved a lot of walking around the gardens capturing footage from the VIPs and visitors as well as footage of exhibitiors, products and in the evening the amazing Gala Performance.

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Blackfriars Station 3D Visualisation for Network Rail

By Paul / On Aug.27.2012 / In Link / Width

This is a great example of the kind of high end project where 3D visualisations really come into their own. This walkthrough of the proposed new Blackfriars Station was designed to show Network Rail what the completed job project would look like and was created using the architect’s plans and blueprints as well as specific discussion with them to make sure our vision matched theirs.

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BBC When the Olympics Come to Town TV Titles

By Paul / On Jul.27.2012 / In Quotes / Width

One Dead Pixel worked closely with the BBC to create VFX and a motion graphic title sequence for a documentary illustrating the impact of the Olympic Games on London. A varied range of techniques were used to integrate CGI with live action footage, allowing the director's vision to become reality.


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London & Southampton International Boat Show

By Paul / On Jul.27.2012 / In News / Width

One Dead Pixel created various visualisations and animations used to promote and sell the London International Boat Show. We worked closely with the organisers to make sure what we produced worked perfectly with their marketing strategies and complemented their plans.


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ING Financial Animations

By Paul / On Jul.27.2012 / In Link / Width

We were asked to create a series of animated short film designed to educate the viewer on finanicail issues such as savings, mortgages, investments etc.  A key part of the brief was to make sure that all the videos were NOT selling ING products but were genuinely educational. The subtle branding was to use ING corporate colours throughout to suggest the link with the bank.


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